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As the premier IT support company in Oxford, Wiseserve is dedicated to delivering bespoke solutions that perfectly align with your specific business requirements. Our team of IT experts excels in offering proactive maintenance and swift problem-solving, ensuring the smooth operation of your systems. This commitment allows you to concentrate on your core business activities, confident in the knowledge that you have the best IT support at your side.

Managed IT Support in Oxford

Support packages based on your budget and needs


IT Help Support Package

Dedicated Account Manager

No Nonsense Computer Support

Annual Reviews and a customised service for your business

All issues adhere to 4-hour SLA

Quick setup, satisfaction guaranteed


Advanced support package for a more inclusive support experience

Dedicated Technical Lead to recommend IT-related improvements to your business and its processes

All issues adhere to a 2-hour SLA, guaranteed

Account & Project management

Proactive server monitoring and many other bespoke options

Includes an initial IT audit and everything you need for total coverage


Proactive maintenance, Emergency hardware loan service, IT software and inventory management

Live monitoring of all servers, strategic Infrastructure roadmap,  IT Budgeting and Governance report

All issues adhere to a 1-hour SLA and are prioritised in our support queues

Complete customisation

Full-featured Support Package for in-depth monitoring and unparalleled service

Managed IT Support Services in Oxford

Emergency IT Support in Oxford

Navigating the swiftly changing landscape of digital business requires a reliable ally during unexpected crises. Imagine having a team of dedicated experts ready to respond promptly to unforeseen technical challenges, minimising downtime and ensuring a swift resolution.

Whether it’s a sudden system failure, a cybersecurity breach, or a critical software issue, our Emergency IT Support is your dependable lifeline. We recognize the urgency of these situations and stand prepared 24/7 to provide the expertise you need, ensuring your business remains resilient and operational even in the face of unforeseen disruptions.

Rely on us as your IT Support partner, offering real, human support in the ever-evolving world of digital emergencies.



Remote IT Assistance

Discover the ease and effectiveness of our remote IT assistance services, providing expert support directly accessible to you. With our dedicated team just a click away you can efficiently address technical concerns and focus on your business.

Our remote IT assistance not only accelerates issue resolution but also curtails downtime, empowering your team to concentrate on critical tasks without requiring physical on-site visits.

Proactive IT Maintenance

Embrace the proactive approach to maintaining your IT infrastructure and fortify its core. Rather than merely responding to issues as they arise, our strategy involves anticipating and preventing potential challenges.

Our dedicated team employs continuous monitoring, timely updates, and preventive interventions to ensure that your IT systems operate at peak efficiency.

By staying ahead of potential disruptions, we aim to safeguard your systems against downtime and enhance their overall resilience.

Proactive IT maintenance is more than just a fix-it strategy; it’s a strategic investment in the enduring stability and performance of your technology. It creates a path for smooth operations and sustained success in the constantly evolving digital landscape.

Managed IT Services in Oxford

Experience the utmost in IT efficiency with our managed IT services in the vibrant city of Oxford.

Our all-encompassing solutions extend beyond mere troubleshooting; we take a proactive approach to oversee and optimise your entire IT infrastructure. From safeguarding network security and ensuring data backup to managing software updates and providing help desk support, our team guarantees the seamless operation of your systems, enabling you to concentrate on your core business objectives.

Tailored to suit the distinct requirements of your Oxford-based business, our managed IT services establish a dependable foundation for continuous growth and technological prowess.




IT Support Services in Oxford

Experience the best IT Support in Oxford

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Growing too quickly? Need more servers to handle the load? It’s time to talk about Virtualisation. See how much room, time and money you can save by investing in virtual machines!

Exchange Support
Exchange Support

Need assistance with setup and maintenance of your exchange server? Or are you looking for a mail solution that is vastly superior to your previous? We can help.

Web Development
Web Development

Your first impression on the web is the most important for your customers. See how you can improve your conversions, sales and more with a tailored website.

Office 365 Support
Office 365 Support

We don’t just sell you office 365, we also provide setup and maintenance, too. Modernize your office suite with office 365 business setup the way you want it.

Linux Support
Linux Support

We also support various distros of linux, including server variants. If you need guidance or support setting up your server for the first time, or improvements, we can help.


A good IT solution starts with a good, organised and structured approach. To get professional advice and complete your next IT solution, we are ready to advise, provide and maintain.


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