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We want to build the best apps out there, that’s why we have to choose our tools carefully…

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PHP Frameworks

When it comes to PHP we decided Laravel is the best choice. It is stable, very robust and easy to maintain. Laravel runs on the latest stable release of PHP (8.0.7) and plays along nicely with MySQL. It has great developer documentation and a huge community. This allows other developers to easily pick up the code to change and edit.


To power user interface we will use AngularJS, which is a very powerful JavaScript library developed by Google. The framework although, relatively new, is a stable revolutionary framework, we’re only beginning to see what it can achieve. We believe this is a framework that will be supported for years to come as it works great on both Desktop and Mobile browsers.


We are using MySQL as it is one of the most popular Open Source databases out there. We also prefer Linux over Windows when it comes to hosting. While MySQL is our primary solution, in certain cases we will use PostgreSQL or Microsoft SQL.


Some of our clients require real time communication to be available in their application. For that we use NodeJS, which can push information from the server to the client when it happens without having to refresh the page. Take a chat for example. You don’t want to be refreshing the page to see if a new message has been received as that is a complex and inefficient operation. Instead we are using Web Sockets which connects us to a NodeJS server and listen for new updates. This proves to be really efficient.

Whether you are looking for a simple chat or just real time updates NodeJS is the way to go