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Professional Linux Support Services In Oxford And Beyond

Thinking of switching over to Linux or adding it to your existing IT setup? Need some help with your current Linux OS (operating system) configurations? Or perhaps you require some ongoing, reliable support from an industry expert? For top class Linux IT services in Oxford, Wiseserve are the experienced experts to talk to.

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Expert Oxford Linux Engineers At Your Service

We’ve forged a reputation as the go-to providers of Linux support services in Oxford and beyond as we’re committed to helping businesses and organisations derive the maximum benefit from this powerful and versatile OS.

A key benefit of using an open source OS like Linux is its ability to be tailored to suit your exact requirements; to achieve this Linux requires a careful installation configured to match your exact requirements undertaken by experienced professionals like ourselves.

We’ll also provide ongoing support to ensure you continue to enjoy maximum benefit from your Linux system by making certain it remains safe and secure in use so protecting your users and data.

What is Linux?

Just like Windows and Mac OS, Linux is a type of operating system.

Unlike these two, Linux is open source meaning that it can be configured to the user’s needs making it a highly versatile OS, so potentially suiting a user’s requirements more precisely than the more ‘off the shelf’ nature of Windows and Mac OS.

Linux has been around since the mid-1990s and is in widespread use: it powers the highly popular Android platform and features in all manner of everyday devices, machines and appliances such as fridges, televisions and cars along with running most of the internet and the world’s stock exchanges.

Linux comes in various ‘flavours’ (usually referred to as ‘distributions) to suit individual users. Distributions are known under various names such as for example:

  • Ubuntu
  • Solus
  • Linux Mint

Server versions go under such names as:

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux
  • Lentos
  • Ubantu Server


Why Should You Consider Linux?


Linux offers a highly reliable and dependable OS built on UNIX, the high strength ‘industry standard’ platform to help ensure reliability, safety and dependability.

Open Source

A huge benefit of Linux is its open source distribution; it means the programme itself can be altered so tailoring it to your exact needs rather than making do with ‘off the peg’ OS solutions.

This ‘tailoring’ can be left to ourselves as your Oxford Linux engineer during initial setup and, when necessary, if needs change as part of the ongoing Linux support in Oxford service we provide

Why Choose Wiseserve?

While a key benefit to the user, the aforementioned flexibility and adaptability means the professional installation and provision of ongoing support for your Linux setup from industry experts is vital to ensure your system serves your needs properly.

It’s why many businesses and organisations have found their ideal Linux professional through the experts at Wiseserve; we’re highly experienced both for the initial set up of the OS and in providing the vital ongoing support.

Get In Touch Today

If you’re interested to know how the Linux OS could help you to improve business efficiency and growth – or you’re looking for Linux support in Oxford to maximise your present setup – talk to the experts at Wiseserve today.