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We want to build the best apps out there, that’s why we have to choose our tools carefully… We are in an industry that moves very quickly from one year to another. That means that applications build 5 years ago, might not work as expected on the very latest versions of the operating system or interpreters (Such as PHP). The other problem is making sure the application is always patched agains new threats. To avoid this, you need to choose wisely your tools that you use to build your application. We develop bespoke software, that can function across multiple devices. Making it either fully responsive or making it adaptive. You want to choose wisely the software you intend to use.

Tech we use for bespoke software development

When it comes to PHP we’ve decided to go with Laravel. It is stable, very robust and easy to maintain. Laravel runs on the latest stable release of PHP 5.7.2 and plays along nicely with MySQL. It has a great developer documentation and a huge community. This means that if you want to change developers it will be easy for someone else to take over and dig into the code.


By identifying exactly what you need from your booking system, our experienced development team will provide a solution that works harmoniously for your business. We can assist with areas including API development, connecting with your back office system and events’ integration.


The web applications we develop for our clients help them to simplify processes and heighten user engagement. Rather than being a website, these are systems we create to deliver an holistic interactive user experience.


Were a large amount of bespoke functionality is required or when page loading speed is mission critical Laravel is our technology of choice. Laravel combines the best features, from the best PHP frameworks, in one clean efficient architecture that follows best practice for web development. As a result, Laravel websites are amazingly fast, scalable, stable and secure.


Application Programming Interface development can enhance your website with rich, complex functionality. For our clients, we apply our expertise to develop API systems that safely and securely expose data for transfer.

Annie Sloan


Annie Sloan required a custom ordering portal for their clients to order paint in mass volume. The portal allows their customers to order their products in a secure manner, while also synchronising with Annie Sloan’s EXACT accounting software for accurate invoicing.

Salter Steamers


We created a bespoke booking and administration portal for Salter Steamer’s allowing them to book their boat trips and log catering, entertainment and payment details. The calendar functionality allows them to easily see which boat trips are taking place when, while the automatic emailing means their admin staff can easily assign staff members and organise catering with just the click of a button.
International Standard for Transfer
We follow best practices of implementing the Version 2 Messaging Standard , as it is the most widely used across the world at the moment. It’s aim is to support hospital workflows. We use Fast Healthcare Interoperability Reources (FHIR) for programming real-time clinical information sharing , combined with JSON and XML.
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